Turbo Mazda Miata SLEEPER Smokes 600HP Z06 Corvette!?

Looks can be deceiving, we all know that. But the video that we have prepared for you today, is proving that claim better than anything else. It is one hell of a good clip for all `classical` gearheads and need for speed addicts, as we have these two great looking and highly modified race monsters -- Super Turbo Mazda Miata Sleeper and the legendary ZO6 Corvette – which are about to face each other on the streets of Nashville.

As the story about the video goes, this drag challenge actually happened pretty much random, as the guys who were recording the Corvette were approached by the driver of the Miata, who challenged them to have a street race. As you will see it for yourself, the Miata really does not look anything special from a first glimpse at it, but once the race started, everyone were more than just surprised.

Powered by a 5.3 liter LSX motor under the hood and boosted by a rear mounted 78 mm Turbo, mated to a 4L80 transmission, it gives this Miata Sleeper a total output of about 700 WHP. So it becomes clear now that what we have up against the ZO6 is a real racing beast. And I`m not going to tell you the final outcome of the race, but will leave you to find it out yourself and get the maximum pleasure out of it.

Sometimes, Mazda Miata drivers get shocked with diesel smoke! Check this out!

Enjoy the video below!

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