Caterpillar D8 Bulldozer vs 20 Toyota Land Cruisers! TUG OF WAR OF THE CENTURY!

In this world we are living in, not all battles are fair. In this video, we got one of those battles where 20 Toyota Land Cruisers are going up against a single Caterpillar D8 bulldozer! This is a similar situation like in 480 BCE when 300 Spartans went up against the massive Persian army. Just like the Spartans, the Caterpillar does a terrific job of keeping 20 Land Cruisers at bay. The 20 Land Cruisers are lined up against an I-beam. So, before wondering who won this epic tug of war battle, you need to take in mind that the I-beam did a fantastic job of remaining straight throughout this glorious fight.

Unfortunately, I-beams don`t get any credit. On the other hand, Toyota J40s do. The classic Toyota J40 Land Cruiser was in production between 1960 and early 1980s. Good looking and hardcore, it`s a real wonder why Toyota decided to let go of this extremely reliable 4V engine off-road truck. Caterpillar is a glorious brand as well. They are the ultimate industry leader in heavy equipment, especially when it comes to bulldozers. Their D8 dozer is one of the finest examples of their engineering and it boasts the all mighty D8T ACERT engine. While the Caterpillar D8 Bulldozer is delivering a great fight, it is simply not enough for those 20 furious Land Cruises. Check it out for yourselves in the video below!

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