In these modern times, car design means a lot. Every car maker strives for good looks for their cars, and rightfully so. A well designed car is usually very popular, and it catches the eye of many people. But this Caterpillar Hot Rod driver made a car that is sure to make everyone turn their heads and wonder, what exactly is he driving?

In this video, we see one of the most unique looking vehicles ever to appear on the streets. This Caterpillar Hot Rod looking car or whatever it actually is, is truly a sight to see. With its giant tires, nice looking rims, and open engine, it casually drives on the road, grasping the attention of any person nearby. The sound of the engine is loud and clear, assuring that people will ask what kind of car can make a sound like that.

It even has an old Caterpillar D8K bulldozer as the front end! That is quite an original way of making your car look as unique as possible. And that was probably the driver`s intention, as he enjoys being filmed while driving his creation. You can see this beauty hitting the streets right here in this video!

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