Want to be over the moon? Take a closer look at these futuristic, mighty looking vehicles, designed for the first time by Michael Vetter, the owner of The Car Factory in Micco, Florida. Trying to design a sports car with a backseat for his newborn, Michael Vetter got himself more babies too -- Extra Terrestrial Vehicles. For the last fifteen years, he has been using donor cars his clients supply him with, including Porsches, Renaults and Toyotas. According to him, the first step is to extend the chassis to create a longer wheelbase. Then, a new body frame of tubular steel is added and clad in a custom fiberglass skin. On top of that, specially made parts are used for producing such masterpiece.

Being comfortable on the highway at speed of 100 mph, his cars truly draw attention. The average terrestrial vehicles cost around 75.000 dollars, his unique concept cars have been sold for over 250.00 dollars, though.

If you want to get your hands on an average or a custom car, you will have to wait six months and a year respectively. Once you get it, prepare to be over the moon! Plus, click here to see the 10 coolest futuristic vehicles ever, that will leave you speechless.