Subaru Olympic Bobsled Run: WRX STI Takes On The World’s Oldest Bobsled Track!

If you have ever watched a bobsled race at the Winter Olympics, you know it can be pretty interesting. However, sometimes people want to spice it up a bit with something other than a bobsled. In this one, instead of a bobsled, Subaru decided to put their WRX STI on the world`s oldest Olympic bobsled run located at the renowned winter destination – St. Moritz, Switzerland. This makes for a riveting entertainment and looks more like something out of a video game rather than real life. The guy who took this daring challenge is Mark Higgins. He is a three time BRC champion.

Even though a bobsled course is designed for something way lighter, that doesn`t stop Higgins from driving aggressively anyway. It`s also worth mentioning that this is not your everyday WRX STI. In fact, it`s the same Subaru that Higgins used back in 2014 when he set a record at IOM. When going aggressively with a monstrous sports car on a course like this, you definitely don`t expect a perfect outcome. You can see the Subaru crashing multiple times on this bold endeavor. Nevertheless, it could`ve been far worse if not for Higgins` mad driving skills. He drives through the amazingly cramped hairpins like a God!

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