From India To London! Most Epic Road Trip Ever?!

There have been some absolutely stunning and amazing stories over the years, but it seems that just few can top of the story of what might seem the most epic road trip that we have ever seen so far. Coming across an amazing story these days is something fairly common hence people share them on the social media each day. Namely, we will be taking a close look at this epic road trip that began in India and ended in London. Yes, this amazing journey could easily be one of the most exciting ones that we have seen so far. 27 participants took part in it, most of which were from India.

Epic Road Trip Ever India London 2

They drove for whooping 16,000km with their powerful and robust vehicles. Inside their 13 cars they went through 18 countries all over Asia and Europe. This epic road trip might be an absolute life changer to some of the people who took part in it hence this is a wonderful and of a kind experience, experience some of us will never feel. It all began in their native India, it further on continued to Myanmar with a passage over the bridge.

Then they went to Thailand, Laos, China Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic and finally arriving in London. This epic journey and some of its amazing moments are captured in this video so make sure to watch it from start to end. What do you think, is this the best road trip that you have ever seen?

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