Abandoned Formula 1 Cars For Sale Near Lyon, France

Listening to or reading about an exciting and weird story is something that we all love doing. The drama and the suspense behind it massive and we just cannot wait to hear more. Even though we have previously come across many different stories where people left their cars in a garage somewhere and found if many years later, what you are about to see here is something way better. We check out something that is going to blow your mind and leave you in doubts i.e. take a look at these incredibly awesome abandoned Formula 1 cars.

Amazing Abandoned F1 Cars Are Rusting Away 2

We simply cannot believe what we see, and to some speculations, these photos might be fake, but the fact that they have been taken from various different angles, surely does say the opposite. Finding a single classic car sitting somewhere on the field and rusting away is good, but finding a whole bunch of extremely awesome abandoned Formula 1 cars is way better.

Amazing Abandoned F1 Cars Are Rusting Away 4

It seems that couple of decades has passed away since people last used these vehicles.The fact that there is no information or any clue about the cars whatsoever makes the sight even more shocking and beautiful. These mighty cars were once used in a real and actual F1 races and seeing them rusting away in the field is something sad.

Amazing Abandoned F1 Cars Are Rusting Away 3

Amazing Abandoned F1 Cars Are Rusting Away 5

This guy Jullien Gef claims that these Formula 1 cars are now for sale for 55.000 euros (all of them). You can check out his recent FB post and see the recent photos and the location of the cars HERE