This Abandoned Mercedes SLR Has Not Been Moved For 7 Years!

We have all seen some very rare classic car laying somewhere in the streets and rusting away. This is devastating thing that can happen as we all love to see them being restored and hitting the road once again. But it does not necessarily has to mean that only classic cars are rusting away and are left behind, sometimes we get to see a brand new super car being completely forgotten. Hereby we take a look at this very short but very powerful video in which we see this abandoned Mercedes SLR that has not being moved for 7 years.

Abandoned Mercedes SLR 2

Yes, this can actually happen. This Mercedes SLR was confiscated by the police back in 2010 and no one came in to look for it so it was left behind to this day. It is utterly devastating to see what has happened to this abandoned Mercedes SLR after so many years. There are two pictures taken from the SLR back in 2010 before it was taken and 7 years after, in 2017.

It got very dirty and lost its shine. This, at the time, brand new car was the best that Mercedes had to offer so seeing it in this condition is awful. It is located in the Czech Republic and no one knows the reason why no one came in to look for it. And who knows for long it is going to continue standing there.

What do you think, what was the reason the owners left it behind?

Stárnout lze s noblesou -- zde se to moc nepodařilo…aneb co se stane s autem, když 6 let parkuje na policejním parkovišti bez údržby … Auto jsme fotili v dubnu 2010 a pak v únoru 2017.SLR was confiscated by police and is parked for 6 years on the police parking, where he waits to court decision. We took these photos in april 2010 and in february 2017 Shmee150 Marchettino alexsmolik

Posted by Magazín ProDriver CZ on Wednesday, February 15, 2017