What Happens When A Ricer Wins The Lottery? From A Mercedes SLR Car With Gold Interior To A Leopard-Print Lamborghini!

This video is full of idiotic moments. This compilation just proves that style and class are traits you are born with. No amount of cash can buy these traits. You will see various vehicles that take absurd and gaudy to a completely different level. Let`s start with the Mercedes SLR car that has a very ridiculous metallic gold interior and a hilarious body kit. Up next you`ll see a Lamborghini wrapped in leopard-print and covered in small metal spikes. These vehicles defy any reason or real logic on why they are made that way. It looks like the owner`s made them like that just because they can.

Moving on, you`ll see one crazy blasphemy done on Dodge Charger that`s fitted with spinners, TV`s in the car`s doors and LED lights underneath the car. Fitting TVs in all 4 doors should be illegal or maybe it already is? Nevertheless, this is definitely not all as you`ll see other luxury vehicles done in a very poor taste. This compilation also features a couple more Lamborghinis with very questionable body kits that also have stupid light shows. This compilation will leave you wondering how these folk managed to raise so much money in order to buy these luxury rides. It will also make you wonder what on Earth could possess these guys to modify these vehicles in such idiotic ways, especially the poorly done Mercedes SLR car.

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