Eagle-360! The New Goodyear SPHERE TIRE Concept For Self-Driving Cars! Autonomous Driving Is One Step Closer To Reality!

Autonomous driving is inevitable occurrence in the not so distant future. Most car manufacturers are already knee deep in developing this technology so they can be more competitive on the automotive market. To adapt the autonomous driving feature on a car, brand new designs are needed. This will make the very appearance of a car look nothing like the cars we have on the streets today. Thus, the tires will have to withstand a drastic change as well in order to meet the new standards the future has in store. This is where this innovative tire concept by Goodyear comes into play. Without further ado, in the footage below, you`ll see the brand new Goodyear sphere tire concept -- Eagle-360!

The Goodyear sphere tire would be attached to the vehicle by magnetic levitation! It means that the tires won`t touch the car`s chassis! Being a sphere, it enables the car to run in all directions! Both the front and the rear tires would be steerable! This would give the future cars the ability to drive sideways into a parking space, meaning that parallel parking would be like a walk in the park!

The thread of the Goodyear tire concept is also very impressive! It would work similar as the pattern of the brain coral! In other words, the thread pattern would have the capability to change the shape and work just like a sponge! When driving on wet road the pattern becomes softer and when driving on dry road it becomes stiffer! The Goodyear sphere tire concept shows us that it will feature sensors which will communicate with other cars/tires about weather and road conditions!

Via the system “Dedicated Short Range Communications”, or DSRC, will pass on telematics to nearby vehicles! This information will be passed on to the internet for broader distribution as well! Well, this is the Eagle-360 for you. This Goodyear tire concept can literally reshape the future of autonomous driving!

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