Flying and Swimming Drone? Check Out This Magnificent Invention!

The new era brought with it new pieces of technology among which the most amazing ones are the DRONES! Scientists have been trying for a while now to create as many as possible of these buddies in order to help them investigate new spheres and areas! However, most drones were meant to be found in the sky, while few could dive deep into the water! Even if some of them could, they could not fly and vice versa! The NAVIATOR here can do both, serve as a flying and swimming drone!

The word NAVIATOR comes as a coin of two words: NAVY and AVIATOR – words we probably do not need to describe! The ability it has to move through air and water is a huge advantage! A bridge inspector could launch the swimming drone near a bridge as it would fly close and inspect it, after which it would drop into the water to see what`s underneath!

It is also good in investigating oil spill and even discovering mine locations! What we have for you is the very first PROTOTYPE and it cannot carry a payload! The project was financed by the Office of Naval Research!

Finally, follow this link to read more about this amazing Drone!