This Is BISKI MOTORBIKE! 7.5 Feet Bike That Becomes A JET SKI!

There have been many successful and unfortunately unsuccessful attempts for creating a vehicle which can be used both on dry land and on water surface as well. We have already shown you some car, bike and even trailer concepts that are made for dry and wet usage. But we never get enough of more! Thus, today`s video features probably the most advanced piece of technology so far that is created for both the road and water. The name of this creation is Biski Motorbike – a motorcycle created by Gibbs Amphibians.

So imagine yourself riding the Biski on the road during a hot summer day and you want to cool down a little bit, or even to take a possible shortcut through the nearest water surface. All this is now possible thanks to this amphibious motorbike! It takes less than 5 seconds for this vehicle to transform into a vessel and vice versa! In addition, the Biski motorbike is set in motion by a 2-cylinder petrol motor that produces 55 horsepower. This machine is able to reach a top speed of 80 miles per hour on land and also 37 on water! Take a look and tell us what you think!

Finally, follow this link to see the motorbike that believe it or not is powered by water!