If you are a type of guy who enjoys going outdoors and taking long weekends out in nature, but not in some of those fancy hotels, but using a `caravan` attached to your loving muscle monster, then the following video that we have prepared for you in this article will be a bulls-eye! I know that names and terms like floating caravan and glamping, might be strange and not really familiar to many of us in the United States.

So just in short, I will tell you that they refer to a small version of a floating caravan (camper or a trailer), towed to your car, or truck. They are pretty popular throughout Europe, and I must admit that even though small (which is not really American), they are pretty cool.

However, this caravan is nothing like those `traditional` European caravans, but something completely original and unique, which I believe most of you will like. It is a product of the German designer Daniel Straub, who wanted to design a camping trailer that will give the campers an ultimate freedom, both on land and water. His creation is called “Sealander”.

It weights only 837 pounds, it has a waterproof chassis, and it is constructed from a fiberglass and reinforced plastic, and once it starts floating, it is powered by an electric engine, which can make it go up to about 6 mph.

Yes, I know that this is not a typical Gearhead product, but you have to take into an account that it was never meant to be. This is all about leisure and chilling out! So check out the video below and see what I`m talking about.

And since we are `talking` about machines connected with water, if you want to see something really powerful and fast as hell, a 2 500 HP Twin Turbo drag boat, go to this link.