Making POPCORNS Using Your Motorcycle EXHAUST PIPE!

You have probably been in a situation when you were dying for popcorns but there was no place nearby to buy premade ones. Every choice was reduced to buying kernels. But then, how would you pop them? We have got the solution for that too! Thanks to the brilliant idea of the owner of this awesome BMW S1000R! All you need are several basic stuff. After buying the kernels, you are going to need a pot so you can pop them. Here`s where the gearhead part kicks in! Your MOTORBIKE is going to be the pot for the kernels! More precisely, the motorcycle exhaust pipe.

So how on Earth is this plausible? Well, you are about to find out! First, make sure you have enough kernels. Then, start your motorbike and do some revs to increase the exhaust pipe temperature to a medium level. Next, place a bowl and add the kernels, as much as you want but be careful anyway. Keep the engine running all the time and wait for a while. After some time, popcorns will start flying out from the exhaust pipe! It is definitely a grin provoking sight! This is an awesome motorcycle exhaust pipe idea for impressing a girl too! Enjoy your snack!

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