AIRPLANE MOTOR Powered Motorbike! Will It Fly? Find Out Here And Prepare To Be Amazed!

Once you think you have seen it all, there is immediately somebody to disprove you. We have been in numerous situations where we have thought the same when searching the net to present you the best. All those videos have made us consider – what an amazing world we live in. World of never ending imagination and people who can inspire you. Like this man in the video below. He created a bike which is unimaginable for most people! A motorbike set in motion by an airplane engine! This bike powered by an airplane motor is simply remarkable! And have in mind that everything these guys did on the bike is homemade!

This engine has 9 cylinders and no muffler! This 9 cylinder airplane motor produces 150 HP and weighs 286 pounds with a diameter of 35 inches! However, it would have been great if we had the chance to see this creation on the open road, not just at the car park of the manufacturer. Nevertheless, this whole endeavor deserves a salute! Because, it is an aircraft motor, one needs to configure it so it can be accessible in a bike. These guys probably dismantled the whole engine and extended the crankshaft. It`s truly amazing what these guys managed to do considering this is all homemade! Also, it would be a good idea if you could volume up your speakers, because this HUGE engine sounds really great and works perfectly as well! Finally, towards the end of this video, we have the possibility to see how is it like to be in the rider`s shoes! But right when the biker goes on the road, the video ends. What a pity, don`t you think?

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