Can This Car Really JUMP On All Potholes?! See It In Action!

We have covered a lot of Ford vehicles on this website. Today we have an amazing video of yet another, albeit new, Ford car! Meet the new Ford Fusion Sport 2017 that is arriving this summer! This beauty is different from its predecessors, mainly because of its facelift, making it look a bit more like a sports car. The way this car looks is not everything that makes the new Ford Fusion Sport a nice car as it also comes with a 2.7 liter V6 engine developing 325 horsepower!

Overall, this is one mighty car! Anyway, the thing that struck us the most was not the engine, yet the detection systems. More precisely, the new Ford Fusion Sport 2017 is equipped with pedestrian detection and the amazing pothole detection system! A lot of people have to drive on bad roads where they have to dodge a huge number of potholes! In some countries, you can even call this a driving technique! This is where the pothole detection system should come in handy the most.

The video we have for you today demonstrates continuously controlled damping, or CCD, with pothole mitigation in the new Ford Fusion Sport. The CCD system monitors the vehicle through 12 different sensors every 2 milliseconds! This way, it can react to a pothole that is detected amazingly fast! The video cleverly showcases the system at work by using ping pong balls! They put the ping pong balls in a pothole, and drive the new Ford Fusion Sport over it!

Thanks to the pothole detection system, which sends signals to the front shocks, it stops the wheel from falling far in the pothole! And voila, the ping pong balls are safe! Check out the video of the new Ford Fusion Sport and its amazing pothole mitigation technology right here!

Lastly, visit Ford’s official website to see their upcoming vehicles!