This Is How The Doors Of A New Renault Are Tested!

There is so much to learn in the world of cars and the way they are made, hence people come up with new improved ways to make them and the technology is more advanced than ever. This means that if you want to know the latest information about it, you simply have to keep in touch with the latest news about it. But, no matter how much there is a great progress in the technology, some things has remained the same and the good old way of making cars has remained unchanged. Hereby, in this short video we take a look at how the doors of a brand new Renault are tested.

New Renault Doors Tested 2

It takes great labor and time to work on the production line and lots of people to finish everything. The video seems to be from a Russian factory where it takes just couple of minutes to finish off centering the right doors and making them fit nice and snug. His skilled eye and touch took years of experience to develop, and just by a simple touch of the door, he is able to know what and how much should be fixed.

Moreover, he does it with great speed, hence on a daily basis; he goes through hundreds of such cars. This brand new Renault is going to look absolutely awesome all thanks to the skilled hand of this worker. What do you think; did you know all the steps it takes to roll a car out from the production line?

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