Aircraft Carrier Drifting at an UNBELIEVABLE Speed!

When it comes to aircraft carriers, we know that they are massive and heavy, go with slow speed and serve the job they are supposed to. But what happens when we add drifting? We get aircraft carrier drifting! Yes, that is correct. In the following video we see the massive USS Abraham Lincoln drifting in the water with high speed and doing donuts. This nuclear-powered aircraft carrier was just finished refueling and overhauling of its pair of onboard nuclear reactors. Many modern specs were added which turned this 1989 ship into a modern beast. It can operate up to 30 knots!

The ship is able of carrying up to 3,200 soldiers, airman and crew and staggering 90 fixed wing aircrafts and helicopters. The ship was often used for rescue operations until finally in 2013 was taken on service. After it was finished the ship had to make some test runs, and as we can see from the video it does some sharp turns. The aircraft carrier drifting in the water is something unbelievable to see! As it speeds through the water, the ship leaves behind it huge waves and makes the so-called donuts. What do you think, can you think of any other super ship?

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