The World Biggest AIRCRAFT CARRIERS! Check Out The TOP 10 List!

Check out  The World Biggest AIRCRAFT CARRIERS in this top 10 list. However, I this that Ford carrier is actually the smallest in the USA fleet , they have 11 others that are actually bigger by tonnage. The US fleet are all over 100k tonnage and next biggest is the Queen Elizabeth at 70k. After seeing all the carriers the British carrier was the most neat and clean looking and the French Aircraft carrier looks very robust.

However, ranking certain things like Carriers isn’t that tough if certain fair criteria are followed. Here we go- Carriers are ranked based on their: 1. Size(which is also an indicator of the number of aircraft carried), 2. Design, 3. Top Speed and 4. Operating Range, Radar and Surface to Air missiles.

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At last, check out this aircraft carriers list by country!