This Insane Fighter Jet Power Takeoff Is Mind-Blowing! No Steam Catapult & A Pure Afterburner!

The Indian Navy finally received their highly anticipated aircraft carrier that goes by the name of INS Vikramaditya. This aircraft carrier is home to a potent MiG-29K fleet. Instead of the more known catapult configured carriers, India has always been committed to ski-jump carriers. Now, this is not the most efficient thing for a jet fighter`s payload and range. However, it`s fantastic for visuals. In this video, you`ll see one insane fighter jet performing a ski-slope takeoff. In a lot of ways, the MiG-29K can be called the greatest comeback kid. This aircraft is produced by Mikoyan design bureau. It`s rated by Mikoyan as a fourth-generation aircraft.

The earliest version of this insane fighter jet that was called MiG-29 Fulcrum first flew back in 1988. However, when the Soviet Union fell apart, there were absolutely no funds available in order to field the two aircraft carriers for Russia`s rusting navy. However, in the mid 2000`s, India came shopping. This is when the MiG-20K all of a sudden came back to life. Now, Russia also uses the MiG-29K on one of its own carrier called the Admirial Kuznetsov. The Russians fully replaced the outdated SU-33 on this carrier. The MiG-29K is an awesome mix of size, capability and cost. It also features a multi-role capability, and relatively advanced weaponry.

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