Get A Haircut By A Fighter Jet! Most Insane Aircraft Low Flyover Moments, Crazy Compilation!

When considering the people who sit behind the controls to fly fighter jet planes day-to-day, they most certainly are more courageous than most. You sure have to possess a lot of skills in order to perform those demanding and dramatic aerobatic maneuvers. This low flyover compilation will really make you appreciate their stressful profession even more. The compilation is consisted of the most amazing low flyover moments that jet pilots might have. The video will definitely put you into a cockpit of excitement that will grasp your attention for whole eight minutes. Some of the moves will even startle you.

Some of these low flyover moments are done on an airstrip. However, there are others at public areas where we really can`t tell the reason for flying so low. Maybe they are having a stealth exercise in order to hide from radars? Whatever the case may be, some of these moves are dangerous. There are also many adrenaline junkies who are just waiting for a haircut. The aircraft skimmed just a couple of feet above them. Check out the video below and tell us what you think. Which one of these jet fighters which demonstrate pure insanity is your favorite?

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