The Coolest BEACH Welcomes PLANES and RISKY Landing!

It`s always nice when you chill on the beach. A few cocktails, nice people, sandy surface, you could just sit there for hours, and enjoy the sound of the waves hitting the shore. The only place on earth where you can leave all your problems be. Relaxing, and enjoying the rest of your day. Nothing could ruin your peace, except maybe if an airplane flew over your head! But then again, how is that even possible?! This beach knows what a risky landing is, that’s for sure!

Well, actually, if you go to St. Maarten, or more precisely – Maho Beach on the Dutch side of the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, you could easily see a plane taking off or landing right behind you. The airplane flies so close to you and goes slightly above you. It is so close that people get the feeling to duck in order to avoid being hit by an airplane!

It is a normal thing there, to make a short break from your beach day and wait for the Boeing 747 to land then relax again until the next plane takes off. Cover your face to protect yourself from the sand, and when it`s all over, enjoy the lovely day on the beach and the risky landing compilation!

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