Everything Can DRIFT? Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier Does A Really Tight Turn!

It is no secret that we have the best navy, army and Air Force in the entire world. Our navy has a lot of potent machinery at its disposal and every now and then we want to show you guys a video of some of it. Today, we take a look at a US Nimitz class aircraft carrier doing some maneuvering. This humongous carrier is the largest warship that is still used by our US Navy. In the video, you will one of these ships doing a rudder test! By conducting this test, the operational capability of the equipment and all systems is ensured.

Although it only turns slightly, by some 10 to 15 degrees, for a warship of the size of this Nimitz class aircraft carrier that is a lot! You can clearly see the ship twist to the side while making the turn. For a warship that is over 1000 feet long and can only go 35 miles per hour, that is mightily impressive! Overall, this nuclear powered warship is one of the most powerful weapons of the US Navy. With this kind of power at our disposal, we are still number one in the world! Watch the video below and enjoy the might Nimitz crass aircraft carrier!

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