Tesla Car Crash Prediction Technology Is Absolutely Incredible!

You wouldn`t consider the Tesla car the smartest car in the world, right? Well, you should! It is by far the most intelligent vehicle and with this car crash prediction technology it`s sure to become a wanted car very soon. These cars can predict when a crash will occur and they warn you with a little five beep sound which keeps you on your toes and makes you peel your eyes to the road. Just look at the video – most of these would be surefire, 100% accidents without this awesome Tesla tech!

Tesla Car Crash Prediction Technology Is Absolutely Incredible 2

If someone gives the Tesla the title of “safest car in the world“, I`m not going to complain or suggest any other cars get the title – it would be completely deserved. Only in this one video it saved a bunch of lives so I can`t even imagine how much it`s helping owners all around the world every single day!

Getting a brand new Tesla for that cost might seem like a lot to some people, but this video proves that the car crash prediction technology is absolutely worth it. I`d rather spend more money on a safer car than less money on medical bills or worse, and clearly I`m not the only one with this opinion.

To read the detailed specifications of Tesla Autopilot, visit the official website. Here is a great infographic about autonomous cars from Dryve.com