These Insane Construction Skills Will Leave You Scratching Your Head!

Whether it`s throwing a saw blade at a two-by-four and cutting it or reaching anything you want with a simple swish of your measuring tool, this video has all of the ” construction skills ” you could possibly ever want to see.

Construction Skills epic funny compilation workers tools 2

A lot of people have called it out saying that it`s fake, and while I agree, it`s still very fun to watch. One guy puts a nail in some wood and then aims his nail gun and splits the previous nail with another one. How impressive is that? Even if it is fake, to have the thought of making a construction working Robin Hood video is something special. Another guy takes a saw blade and just throws it at a two-by-four, hacking it in two right on the desired mark, with very little CGI.

While showing off their construction skills, one guy decides to paint the Mona Lisa on a wall with his trusty nail gun and a thousand nails in a row. He fires it up and sure enough, after a few minutes of pounding nails into wood, the Mona Lisa starts showing up. Of course, this is CGI too, but it`s very fun to watch and imagine if it were real. Yet another construction worker uses his measuring tool to grab stuff from around the construction site, flip switches or even poke someone.

I`m not saying this is impossible, but if this was real all of us would be practicing how to do it. It just seems so useful, to be able to do anything within 10 feet of you with relative ease.

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