New Titanic CGI Shows How The Legendary Ship Sank To The Bottom Of The Ocean! The Biggest Accident Shown In Every Detail!

Technology has advanced a lot in the last 100 years. Thanks to it, some of the greatest mysteries and events can be explained with amazing attention to detail. The video we have for you today shows us how the legendary ship Titanic sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean! This event took place way back in 1912, and instead of reenacting the tragedy, nowadays we can just use computers to give us all the information we need.

To make things even better, the creator of this Titanic CGI is James Cameron, who was also the director of the epic film we have all seen. The CGI begins right after the Titanic ship starts to turn in order to avoid the infamous iceberg. Going at a speed of 22 knots (or 25mph), the ship side swipes the iceberg and damages its body. Because of this hit, the famous ship sank and it resulted in one of the biggest accidents of the 20th century!

After the Titanic CGI shows how the ship hit the iceberg, it continues in accelerated time. You can clearly see how the first 5 compartments flood. The amount of water inside the compartments caused the front part of the ship to slowly sink in the water! One of the funnels collapsed at the base, and it caused the Titanic to sink even faster! To make things even worse, after the funnels collapsed, the stern of the ship started going up, and the ship eventually broke in two parts!

Afterwards, this Titanic CGI shows how both parts of the ship fell to the bottom of the ocean floor. Most of us have seen the movie, and know about this great tragedy where unfortunately thousands of people lost their lives. This Titanic CGI however, covers all the little details from the accident that weren`t covered in the movie and hopefully it will help in prevention of tragedies like this one.

So, if the Titanic was the largest ship in its era, check out this video showing you the biggest ship today!