KTM Bike SPLITS IN HALF & His Owner Is Not A Happy Bunny! Is It His Fault Or The Bike Is Not Of Good Quality?!

Well, this is a rather unusual and bizarre thing! There are many things you can expect when you ride a bike, but it snapping in half certainly was not even your wildest guess. This guy`s KTM bike splits in two pieces and you can understand why he is not a happy bunny! Throughout the video he curses a lot and we think that if you were in his place, you would not take it lightly either!

KTM Bike Splits In Half And His Owner Is Not A Happy Bunny! Unusual, Bizarre And Unfortunate!

The people around him are just as surprised as he is. When you ride your bike on such a bumpy ground like the Freeman Compund, the least you expect is your bike to be stable and safe. Instead, the front part of this guy`s KTM bike completely fell off after jumping a step down. It looks like a minor crack is what caused this bizarre incident, but on the bright side, he might consider transforming it into a unicycle!

All jokes aside, we are sure you would not want this to happen to you in a million years. That is why you should always check your bike before riding on a bumpy ground. You just might avoid splitting your bike in half, unlike this guy`s KTM bike!

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