Donald Trump’s Custom Luxurious Helicopter Looks ASTONISHING! You Must See This Multimillion Dollar Chopper!

The wealthy like putting their initials on their clothing and cufflinks, but you have to be super rich to put your name on a custom built luxurious helicopter! The owner of this incredible multimillion dollar chopper is none other than presidential candidate Donald Trump. Apparently, the highly controversial Trump owns several aircrafts. This one is a Sikorsky helicopter, which is like a Bentley for helicopters.

Purchasing one of these choppers is quite expensive, or to be more exact, between 5 and $7 million! Even though the price is ridiculously high, the interior of the Sikorsky helicopter Mr. Trump bought was old and outdated. Because of this, Trump wanted to replace the interior with something more suitable for a man like himself. The company in charge of renovating the luxurious helicopter had to start fresh. As the commentator puts it, by starting fresh he means “out with the old and in with the gold“.

There is a lot of gold in that luxurious helicopter, from the hardware to the Trump family crest! No wonder the tab for this makeover reached $1 million! The new interior looks astonishing! There are even water bottles with Donald Trump`s face on the label! With a wealth like that, you can pretty much put your name and face anywhere you please! Nevertheless, we admit that Mr. Trump`s luxurious helicopter looks remarkably nice.

Furthermore, the company that responsible the whole makeover did an incredible job! Now we are certain that Mr. Trump will feel comfortable in his custom aircraft. As for us mere mortals that don`t own a helicopter of our own, the best we can do is to watch a video of other people`s choppers! Maybe one day we will be able to purchase a helicopter like this one, but until then, all we can do is watching other people`s private aircrafts.

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