Fly Above New York City In The Amazing ICON A5 Aircraft!

If you google “Things To Do In New York City”, you will get tons of things you could do. However, one is excluded – Flying the ICON A5 aircraft! What is even worse, this is the best experience you could have in NYC, according to us!

Although you are flying above one of the greatest cities in the world as the Hudson river separates two sides of the city, you cannot resist of watching at the dash board in the same time! You might think that is silly because you are throwing away some amazing views, but it is not every day that you fly in a $189.000 light sport aircraft – the ICON A5 aircraft!

This aircraft is simply amazing, it is small, very stylish and amazingly intuitive! This is probably the aircraft version of a SPORTS CAR as it feels like those words are written all over it! People that have flew with this aircraft say that even the interior is amazing as the seats are very comfortable.

In a perfect world where you would actually own something like this, you could use it to travel around the States, as there is enough cargo room behind the seats that can easily accommodate a sleeping bag, for example! Check it out!

For more detailed information about the ICON A5 plane, follow this link!