Who Would Have Known That The Presidential Cadillac Can DRIFT In Reverse Like This! You Must See This!

Most of you have seen the presidential Cadillac at least once! It doesn`t matter if it was live, on TV, or just seeing pictures in a magazine, that car is an absolute beast! It is even nicknamed “The Beast“, and if there ever was a car that deserved such nickname, this would be the one! The President of the United States has to ride in style! The presidential Cadillac is the star of the video we have for you today!

Get ready to see “The Beast“ drifting in reverse! You read that correctly, we genuinely have a video of the famous car drifting in reverse! We also have to tell you that it is not real. But that doesn’t matter, because this videos is absolutely amazing!┬áThe footage of the presidential Cadillac drifting in reverse is actually from a video game! It could have fooled us with those amazingly detailed graphics!

The game where you can casually drift with the presidential car is called Forza Motorsport 6. We have seen lot of crazy things in racing video games, but never something like this! The creators of this great game surely had some crazy ideas! Imagine our President driving around like this. That would make the sickest entrance ever! Just think, instead of casually parking, the presidential Cadillac reverse drifts into position! Can you imagine the reaction from the crowd?

We are certain any gearhead would love to see something like that! We can never be sure if something like that would ever happen, but at the very least we have a video showing us how it may look! It is not much, but it`s definitely better than nothing! Press that play button on the video below and enjoy watching the reverse drift of the presidential Cadillac!

Finally, follow this link to watch the INCREDIBLE WORLD RECORD for tightest reverse parallel park!