This Dodge Submerged Truck Is Rescued From Its Watery Grave!

The owner of this Dodge pickup truck really got unlucky. Apparently, the now submerged truck was parked on a boat ramp right next to the Barren River and slipped out of gear, which made it roll down the ramp and into the river itself. That wasn`t the end of it though – the truck sailed for a few hundred yards downstream and soon it found itself in 15 feet deep water. It`s just a nightmare for whoever owned it since all the tires were shot as well. It looks really bad but I don`t think it`s completely unsalvageable – in fact, the owner is probably driving it right now!

I wouldn`t say a submerged truck is completely useless after it`s pulled out, I mean there isn`t a part that you couldn`t replace and the shell looks just fine, although it`s going to need some maintenance as well. These guys took care of it though – they found the truck with divers, floated it up with some giant air-filled floatation devices and dragged it back to shore where they could pull it up on another truck and take it right to the mechanic`s shop. Let`s hope there weren`t any fish in there, the smell would be so annoying!

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