AWESOME TUTORIAL! Engine Start Outside Of Your Car! Expert Oil Leakage Inspection!

We all wanted to perform an engine start outside of our car at some point for different reasons. In this video by Wheeler Dealers we have exactly that. A tutorial on how to perform an engine start. From the looks of it, doing an engine start outside of the car it may not be as hard we thought. The guy behind this engine start move is Wheeler Dealers` host, Edd China. The main purpose of this motor start is to find where the oil leaks from.

The engine that Edd China is starting in this video is a Morris Minor. At first he connects the radiator to the engine, pops some water inside so the engine cools. The fuel tank is connected to the engine. Of course, with some petrol fuel. And at last to start the engine you must connect the battery which is going to run the electrical systems. The coil needs to be connected to the battery so you can fire the starter motor with the same lead.

The idea behind the engine start, is that once the engine is running, oil is going to be pumped around the engine under pressure. This means that wherever there is a leak the oil should come out.

After Edd performs an engine start, the engine reaches temperatures after a few minutes. However, he still can`t notice any leaks. This means that this engine doesn`t have any extreme serious oil leaks. No oil leaks from the oil filter or from any of the cinders. Then again, Edd is a master at spotting leaks and no oil leakage can escape him. He immediately notices a little bit of moisture at the rocker cover gasket. When he goes to the other side of the rocket cover gasket he notices that the leakage there is a lot worse. That gasket must be replaced!

When looking closely, Edd also finds other spots of moisture on the bottom edge of the cover plates. Edd says that the cover plates are the classic place for oil to leak on most series made engines.

We thank Wheeler Dealers for this fantastic demonstration on how to perform an engine start and oil leakage inspection.

Finally, if you want some tips on how to maintain your engine, follow this link!