CRAZY DRIFT With Powerwheels Snow Jam: Mustang vs Jeep!

Who said winter can`t be fun? Of course, some people cope easily with heat than cold but if you have the right crew that suits you then nothing can go wrong. Plus, snowy weather often is a period when we let the child inside take the floor and remind us of the good old times. Read on to check out the Mustang vs Jeep race!

On the other hand, when we were children we loved it when grown-ups would start acting like kids. Those were moments of infinite laughter and joy. Now, after all these years it is our turn. Clearly, the people in this video have thought the same and judging by their reactions, they are having a blast! Therefore, check this crazy drifting with Powerwheels snow jam powered with petrol engines. These guys took off the batteries. gassed up their kids’ rides and took them on the snow. What a great idea!

By the way, what is your favorite ride? Mustang, Jeep, Corvette or F150?

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Enjoy the video below!

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