Palm Beach Gallery by Barrett Jackson Car Show!

The annual Palm Beach auction by Barrett Jackson Car Show took place at the South Florida Fairgrounds from the 4th of April until the 6th of April, 2013. We are going to present you some of the vehicles that attended the event.


Lot # 7003 1946 Chrysler Town& Country Roadster

It is the only car of this type. It was hand made by Lloyd Mayers and John Slusar and it comes from the William Munday Collection.


Lot # 3006 2009 Ford F150

After George W. Bush left the presidential office he got this car. Now this car is property of the National Guard Youth Foundation that bought it during the event.


Lot # 756 1969 Jaguar XRE Convertible

This untouched Convertible comes with its original Sable Brown color. It comes from the William Munday Collection.


Lot # 759 1960 Chevrolet Fuel Injected Corvette Convertible

The Corvette has a CS Code and features a 289 engine able to produce 290 hp. It had its body slightly modified. It comes from the William Munday Collection.

Finally, one of the best collection cars this guy has! Check it out on this link!

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