Crash At BANDIT RUN! Epic Movie Scene Recreation FAILS Hard!

All of you gearheads out there have probably, at least for once, watched the legendary movie, Smokey and the Bandit. Many of the races are something we could never forget together with the classic cars in it. The Bandit Run, which came out because of the movie, is held every year. The tour ends in Georgia and reaches its peak point when the bandit himself visited it, the one and only Burt Reynolds. On their way they made a stop at the Atlanta Motor Speedway to see recreations of the epic movie scene, performed by the Stunts Unlimited.

Everything was going on just fine when the guys recreated the scene where the flatbed truck completely took off the top of a police cruiser. The audience, though not much, were very pleased by what they saw. But then, they failed at probably the most epic movie scene, where Burt jumps off the Mulberry Bridge landing on the other side safely. Well, this was not the case with the stunts man, as they failed to land the car properly and crashed into the sand. You should check the video, as we see several attempts and how they manage to perform some of them.

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