Got Oil?! One Hell Of A Problem Right Here In This Video! Watch It To Find OUT!

Engine oil should never be mixed with coolant. This is common sense and when this occurs of course it can`t be good. The reason behind this is because while oil should lubricate all moving components in the vehicle, the coolant is meant to keep the engine at cool temperature. A car`s engine is designed with a top cover to shield the entire engine. However, sometimes a leak can occur. It is very hard to diagnose this leak without dissembling the whole engine. That`s why a leak like this is extremely difficult to detect. This can cause a coolant problem.

The coolant problem can be very troublesome indeed. When coolant is mixed with engine oil, the oil`s viscosity and lubricity are compromised. This problem will cause oil lever to rise as well. All of this can lead to engine failure. As we said, this leak can be very hard to be detected. However, this one in the video below wasn`t that hard because the guy found a huge hole in the block. When this guy pulls the drain plug, you will be very surprised by the outcome. Where there is supposed to be oil, green coolant just keeps on flowing. What do you think?

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