ENGINE SWAP Failure! Everything Goes Wrong At This Hilarious Engine Swapping Move!

Doing an engine swap on your own is becoming more common now because we got accessibility to all kinds of used motors on the market. So engine swapping on your own is becoming increasingly cheaper as time goes by. But this doesn`t have to mean that doing a swap is easy. You need to be prepared and read a fair share of mechanical literature in order to do a successful engine swap and avoid experiencing an engine swap failure. So everyone that tried engine swapping got to have their comical and also frightening stories to share and tell.

As you know, engine swapping can be a very tricky business, but in this video everything goes wrong! What a massive motor swap failure! As this newbie mechanic is trying to unbolt the last engine mount bolts on his Honda Civic, the engine simply drops along with the front bumper, headlights and everything else along!

When doing a swap you just have to know what you are doing unless you want to end up as the guy in the video. But in this video so many things go wrong. We can say officially this is a totally new way to drop an engine. We got to note, this video looks very suspicious. We suspect it may be staged because no one tries to unbolt headlights or a front bumper in order to do a swap.

As this video may not be legitimate and it may be staged, we can still relate to it. When doing an engine swap and you don`t know quite what you are doing you are expecting the worst. And this is truly the worst that can happen. We just can`t imagine a worse scenario than this happening. So remember guys, this video is a reminder always to be prepared when doing a swap.

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