The Weirdest MAZDA MIATA 1990 1.8 Liter Swapped Engine!

What is the weirdest thing you have seen lately, in terms of cars? We bet that this automobile will be on top of your list, unless you are not looking for weird things on purpose. Get ready to see one very unusual vehicle, which is not that bad after all! It is a word of a Mazda Miata 1990 that has been completely transformed into a “scrape-mobile” Miata by one guy!

This vehicle is so low it literally bumps off the road when there is no bump at all! You are going to see plenty of such situations in this video, and the reactions of the guy driving this vehicle say it all! However, that is what makes this vehicle so fun to drive! Also, this Mazda Miata 1990 attracts everyone`s attention wherever it goes! It is not that difficult after all, due to the authentic appearance!

This automobile may not be fast enough, but it will certainly take you from point A to point B and making you an instant celebrity for that time! But what probably adds most to the overall look of the Miata is the genuine Mercedes-Benz steering wheel. Overall, this automobile is a fun producing machine!

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