Manta ray Fish And A Kid Play! Rather UNUSUAL & DANGEROUS MARINE FRIEND! Where Are His PARENTS?!

Having a Manta ray Fish for a pet can be quite dangerous. Look at this unusual friendship!

Manta ray Fish Kid Play 1

There is a vast number of videos presenting how people and animals are becoming friends. At least for a while. And that number is growing each and every day, which makes us really happy. We have seen recordings of people, mostly children, with hares, squirrels, dolphins as they are feeding them. Nevertheless, we are pretty sure that you have never seen a child playing with this kind an animal ever before! Believe us, you are going to watch with disbelief as this boy is making friends with a sea animal which is less likely to be a human friend! In fact, he is playing and feeding a Manta ray fish which is not a small one!

These sea creatures can be really dangerous, if they decide to use their lethal weapon – the stinger. A situation like this occurs when they feel jeopardized or when somebody unintentionally step on them. Now, watching this video becomes even more intense!

Manta ray fish are often related to the aforesaid accidents and we have heard many stories about such unfortunate events. However, this young lad here and the Manta ray fish itself are not thinking that way. He is feeding the animal with his bare hand lifting the Manta ray`s flaps! Faith in humanity restored!

The world kind of panicked after seeing this video of a boy playing with a rather big Manta ray fish! And we get it, it does look creepy and dangerous! However, as you can see no one got hurt. Manta ray fish do not think of hurting no one, nor does the kid start the game with prejudices! This might set up a good example to people who judge because of others looks, religion or nationality! Also, never judge a Manta ray fish! Peace!

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