“You owe me a ten second car!” Who could forget those words from the legendary “The Fast and The Furious”, right? Even though it is not as if the following GTR video that we have prepared in this article has anything to do with the famous movie, but taking into an account that there is not a Gearhead in this world who would not want to have a `10 second car`, I thought that using it as a description for the following Iveytuned Nissan GTR R35, with Full Bolt On, running on E85 fuel, that you are going to see now, would be a good way to start.

What we have here, is a good drag strip action with this great white Iveytuned Nissan GTR R35, demonstrating its power and speed in three occasions. In the first two, we can see it doing Quarter-Mile passes with a result of 10.59 seconds and 10.43 seconds at 133 mph. And its best time of 10.27 seconds at 136 mph, is achieved during a drag race with another 10 second black Nissan GTR R35, which is pretty impressive and exciting battle.

So check out the video and enjoy it. And if you want to find out more about the Iveytune, go to this link.