1970 Dodge Charger Wheelie Scene From “FAST & FURIOUS”!

There are cars that made some film to become everlasting in the memory of the people who saw it, and there is the other way around, the films that made a certain car to become a true legend. When we are talking about the legendary 1970 Dodge Charger wheelie from the original “Fast & Furious“, I think that we are walking a very thin line and it is very hard to determine that.

However, there is one thing for which there is no need for a debate and on which everybody agrees. And that is the last scene, the thrilling ¼ mile drag race between Dom`s (Vin Diesel) `70 Blown Charger and Brian`s (Paul Walker) 1995 Toyota Supra, that made that film legendary!

And despite the fact that it was out-of-this-world drag race, and that the Supra was also awesome, if you ask anybody (not just the regular Gearheads), what was the thing that they remember the most, of course, the answer would be the Dodge Charger wheelie.

For the purposes of that legendary burnout-wheelie scene, the great 1970 Dodge Charger had a hydraulic ram installed in it, and the Hemi that we saw in the garage scene, was not used in the action sequences, but a 383 cubic inch, also from the Mopar family. There are also many other debates whether it was actually a modified `69 Charger, with `70 Dodge nose…but we are not going to get into that now.

As a tribute to this legendary film that celebrates street racing and the best muscle and sports cars that can be found out there, today we have prepared you the video from the legendary drag race and burnout-wheelie scene. Enjoy it my friends!