Underdog Peugeot 205 RSS vs Audi R8 2

The Ultimate Underdog Peugeot 205 RSS vs Audi R8!

When it comes to surprising results and finishes we have witnessed and seen everything, but have you ever thought that the Peugeot 205 RSS can compete against the modern super cars, and not just compete against, …

RESTORING Porsche Under 4 Minutes 2

RESTORING Porsche 964 Under 4 Minutes!

As we all know restoring Porsche is an expensive and time-consuming project to do, especially if you take it to a professional.

But we must admit that the final product will surely be a masterpiece of its …

Porsche GT3 vs Shelby Cobra Street race 1_1

Head-to-head – Porsche GT3 vs. Shelby Cobra!

Below is the story of two cars being put head-to-head: Porsche GT3 versus Shelby Cobra!

How often does it happen to roll out on the streets on your own or with someone else and you witness a …

Funniest porsche commercial 911 p111 6

One Of The Most Amazing Porsche Commercial EVER!

Vehicle manufacturers have always been creative and came up with great ideas when making commercials. We all remember the legendary Volvo commercial with Jean Claude van Damme, or the one with the parachute in Croatia. So …

Sleeper Audi RS4 Porsche 911 1

Sleeper Audi RS4 Smokes a Porsche 911!

Sleeper Audi RS4 smokes a Porsche 911 on the highway!

As we all know there are many cars in the Audi lineup offering a lot of horsepower under the hood and pretty respectable handling department too. With an …