RESTORING Porsche 964 Under 4 Minutes!

As we all know restoring Porsche is an expensive and time-consuming project to do, especially if you take it to a professional.

RESTORING Porsche Under 4 Minutes 1

But we must admit that the final product will surely be a masterpiece of its own. That is why you should check out the video below and see how this actual masterpiece comes to life yet again. It is a whole team of experienced workers doing their best to satisfy the customer as well as to make the car as perfect as it can get. If you never had the chance to restore a car on your own or if you never knew how the whole process looks like then this is the video for you. Top to bottom process fitted inside just couple of minutes.

And a lot of it is going on. Smashing, chopping, welding, hammering, screwing, painting, are just some of the steps you need to go through. As we can see at the begging of the video, restoring Porsche to perfection would mean taking the whole car apart and start from scratch. Cut out all the rusted parts and pieces, make new ones and weld them in place.

Sand them down until no visible overlap is seen. Once the body work has been done it is off to the assembling. It takes days and sometimes weeks to put everything back together until the paint can be applied. Then they clean thoroughly each part of the car. The customer will most certainly be satisfied!

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Restoring A Porsche 964 In Under 4 Minutes

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Posted by Car Throttle on Thursday, August 10, 2017