Head-to-head – Porsche GT3 vs. Shelby Cobra!

Below is the story of two cars being put head-to-head: Porsche GT3 versus Shelby Cobra!

Porsche GT3 vs Shelby Cobra Street race 4

How often does it happen to roll out on the streets on your own or with someone else and you witness a random race at the crossroad? Probably fairly often, even you sometimes take part in such race. But the race in the following video is not your ordinary one. Two absolute beasts go head-to-head, the Porsche GT3 and the almighty classic, the Shelby Cobra. They are seen on the crosswalk waiting for the traffic light to go green and doing revs with their cars.

The guy behind them knew what was about to happen so he pulled out his phone and started filming.

Just as the traffic light goes green, both cars go down violently. The Shelby Cobra takes the lead at first and manages to hold on to it all the way through.

There was a smoke coming out from the Porsche at the start of the race and, according to the man filming, it was due to the clutch. He even says that it smells like clutch too.

This was probably the reason why the GT3 failed to perform well, and who knows, if it wasn`t for this problem, he could have won the race. What do you think?

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