Insane Biker Max Wrist Racing Against Two Ferrari’s & One Porsche GT3 On A Public Road!

Hold on, because this is one aggressive, insane and white-knuckle ride, yet again from YouTube motorcycle star known as Max Wrist! We have written about this insane biker before, and he just can`t fail to surprise us. His channel has been up for a while now, and it`s getting huge attention from the gearhead world. This is due to the fact that he rides his BMW s1000rr like a lunatic. A very skillful lunatic, but a lunatic nevertheless. Doing wheelies while overtaking at high speed is his signature. In this video, you`ll have the opportunity to see Max Wrist overtaking a couple of supercars in his glorious style.

The supercars he overtakes in this video are a Ferrari F430 Spider, Ferrari 458 Italia and a Porsche GT3. It`s almost like he`s hunting them down. Anytime Max Wrist spots a high-dollar car, he targets them and taunts them into racing with him. Those exotic cars that decide to race with him, don`t have a clue what they are going up against. He is totally annihilating every supercar that he is going up against while doing a wheelie in the process. We definitely don`t condone such irresponsible behavior on a public road, because he is endangering a lot of other people here. What do you think?

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