As much as we love cars, bikes, and trucks, and besides the fact that even though we are neither mechanics, not engineers, we are constantly learning new things about how the vehicle`s engine is working. But still, many of us do not know how it is really functioning, how it is assembled, mounted, and many of the other technical and mechanical stuff, especially when it comes to Chevy 350 engine.

However, as much as most of the aforementioned is true, it is also a fact that most of us are learning new things, using the chances that are coming along the way, to expand our knowledge. Because, even though we are not going to change our current profession (whatever is that we are doing), we are very well aware that to love fast and powerful cars, also means to know a thing or two about that `thing` under the hood that is giving the power of our favorite muscle monster!

The following clip that we have prepared in this article, is not a tutorial on some of these subjects, but simply an interesting video in which you will see just how good are the students from the Southeast Community College, who are following the Mopar College Automotive Program. There are two teams of students, competing head to head, who is going to assemble a functional small block Chevy 350 motor. As you could have read in the title, it took them just a little more than 17 minutes to get the job done right.

So watch the video below and see the whole thing yourself. It really is impressive! And if you are interested to learn something about how to build your own car engine, go to this link, and start with the basics.