Can This Spitfire JET Merlin V12 Engine Fit In A CAR?

You want to be a hot shot? Well, owning a Rolls Royce can get you there for sure. But, how about a Rolls Royce with a Merlin V12 engine?! Now we`re talking. That is exactly what this footage has to show us!

Growing old doesn`t mean you have to retire from the “hotshot world”. That is why we invite you to see this video where an elderly gentleman proves that he is young at heart! Not only that he has charmed many with his Old School Rolls Royce, but he also charmed them with the powerful and loud Merlin V12 motor! A huge crowd has gathered around him just to see him move couple of feet away. Everyone has their phones and tablets ready to shoot a video and one of them ended up in our hands.

Many people that were present said that the sound this engine produced was comparable to a lion`s `roar`! It was so loud that people started calling it the ANGRY SOUND! However, it is up to you to witness the sound of the lion in the concrete jungle. Who knows, it might give you some ideas!

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