1300HP BLOWN Rolls Royce! This Thing Could SMOKE Any SUPERCAR!

The automotive industry became much richer in 1906, when an idea to combine an ultimate luxury, comfort and performance was born. And the name of it is of course Rolls Royce, the brand that always satisfies the sophisticated and fastidious needs of the modern man. Although its` targets are older and more serious blokes with deeper pocket, Rolls-Royce can act as a toy for the most extreme car lovers who crave for speed, power and adrenaline on the road. One of those is the guy in the video below, who introduces his 1970 blown Rolls Royce Dragster equipped with a blown Hemi that helps the car to produce fascinating 1300HP.

Moreover, this unique show car has a perfectly made skin interior and beautifully preserved details that justify the reason why Rolls-Royce is still on the top of its` class. The modern meets the classic and this Rolls Royce is a perfect example of how an amazing supercar with an exquisite style should look like. Enjoy its beauty and power in the video bellow and if after watching it you still want to see something more of this brand then go to PAGE 2 and PAGE 3 where you can see 2 tests on a blown Rolls Royce 74.

At last, to see another 1000+ horsepower blown monster, follow this link!