Is This Cadillac CTS V Confiscated or Fined For NOTHING?!

Take a look at this CTS V Confiscated and fined for nothing. Here is the story!

Cadillac CTS V Confiscated 4

Car modifications are our favorite thing. We all love doing it and we love watching someone else coming up with new great ideas. Driving out on the streets should not be a problem when it comes to some minor modifications, right? Well, this was not the case with the following viral video posted on the social networks recently. Supposedly this man got ticket for literary nothing. He filmed his CTS V Confiscated and towed away and the police officer writing a ticket for him.

But the whole story behind this is far more interesting. The man was driving normally when he stopped at a traffic light and a police car also stopped next to him.

This is where it all began. Moments later, the police car sirens went on and so the Cadillac had to stop. The CTS-V did not have a license plate on the front so he got a ticket for it, pretty fair, right? Technically yes, but he also got a ticket for having too loud exhaust!

Though he admitted his exhaust was modified, hence the cut out was closed the exhaust was not that much loud to get a ticket for! What is your opinion about this situation? The car should get a new name – Cadillac CTS V Confiscated!

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However, have you ever seen crazier Cadillac than this one?