Mom Tracks Down Son’s Stolen Classic Car Using The Power Of Social Media!

In these modern times we are living in, things most certainly are not the way as they were used to be. Now, we have various social media which means that everyone can be involved if they like in everyone else`s business. Now, even people without a voice have a tremendous reach like never before at zero cost. One persistent mom used the power of social media to track down her son`s stolen classic car. Before Facebook was introduced, this mom would`ve probably had to spend thousands of dollars in order to reach the amount of people she needed to so she can find her son`s third-generation Camaro.

Apparently, when her 18-year old son had finished with restoring his third-gen Camaro, a pesky thief decided to try and steal it. After he stole it, this mom took a collection of images of the stolen classic car and posted them on Facebook. The pictures got shared many hundreds of times and a tremendous amount of people saw them. Now, even with an awesome reach like that, finding a stolen car can be futile. However, this wasn`t the case as a man who was driving along and who happened to see the post on Facebook earlier noticed the car and immediately called the mom who was in need. This video details the story perfectly since the beginning.

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